Thank you for your visit.  3ABN satellite systems are provided to you with NO monthly fee, NO contracts and NO credit checks. SDAdish provides you with all the 3ABN satellite channels being aired on satellite and via IPTV. What is IPTV? IPTV is  channels streamed via the internet to your TV.  3ABN offers more TV channels on IPTV than on satellite. So, if you have high speed internet, you will be able to receive 3ABN, plus Hope Ch, LLBN, Amazing Facts, Amazing Discoveries and more with our satellite receiver.

SDAdish is referred by 3ABN for all satellite services, our FREE technical support, satellite repair equipment and of course satellite and internet streaming equipment. We are a self supported Adventist-owned company and ministry.  Our sales help support our satellie evangelism.
We offer free technical support for installers that do installations as a ministry. We also provide FREE online videos that will help you install your 3ABN dish successfully.
If for any reason you have a question please feel free to call and speak with a live person about purchasing a satellite system, an IPTV unit or if you have any questions about parts that you need just give us a ring at: 559-577-6949 (No telemarketer calls please)

The complete 3ABN satellite package is only $195 plus shipping.
No Contract, No monthly fee and No credit checks.